Energy Procurement

In a deregulated market, purchasing energy at the best price can be a complex endeavor. It’s not enough just to issue a Request for Proposal and choose what may appear to be the lowest price. To get the highest value for your energy dollar, it pays to take a more strategic approach to sourcing your energy.

Large users have benefited from the movement towards deregulation in the energy market. But risk also accompanies this opportunity. NuEnergen overcomes the challenges of deregulation by monitoring and assessing regulatory and operational changes throughout the United States. We provide reliable and pragmatic solutions to clients specific to their risk appetite,  power demands and geographic location.

  • Comprehensive Baseline EvaluationsEnergy Sourcing
  • Tariff & Rate Evaluations
  • Market Intelligence & Reporting
  • Identification of Cost Savings
  • Price Forecasting and Budgeting
  • 3rd Party Supply Sourcing
  • Supplier Contract Review & Negotiation
  • Invoice Auditing & Dispute Resolution
  • Regulatory Monitoring & Reporting

NuEnergen actively monitors pricing and markets to formulate energy procurement and management strategies predicated upon the business objectives of our clients. These integrated strategies incorporate multiple factors: energy price tracking and forecasting, budgeting, contract review and analysis, supplier evaluation, asset analysis, performance history and credit worthiness.

Instead of only using contract expiration dates and fiscal calendars to drive your energy procurement, we closely monitor market dynamics to identify the best possible time to initiate to purchase energy. By taking this approach we can reduce unwanted exposure to price volatility and secure energy prices that fit your budget and business objectives.

We specialize in customizing an energy management strategy to serve the unique needs of each client. We deliver risk management with unit cost management and reduced internal energy management expense.

Our goal is to mitigate risk and manage volatility out of the energy supply equation.

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