Utility Invoice Auditing

Energy bills are intricate. Utility companies must follow hundreds of pages of billings, tariffs, and evolving rate structures to calculate an invoice. Implementation errors are common even though these rates are regulated by relevant Public Service Commissions. Furthermore, electing energy supply from a third-party supplier increases the chances of billing errors. As a result, supplier and utility invoices in often contain substantial errors worthy of billing refunds. NuEnergen are experts in modelling utility tariffs and third-party supply rates – let us help ensure accurate billing.

  • Utility Invoice Auditing

    Current and Historical Audits

    NuEnergen resolves billing discrepancies, leading to refunds on current and retroactive invoices. We also work to prevent future errors by proactively communicating with utilities and suppliers to stop common issues. Additionally, by diving into historical energy bills, usage, and data, we are able to provide guidance on future consumption, to budget, and to develop sourcing strategy. Learn More

  • Cooling Tower Credits

    Credits to reduce water/sewer expenses

    Buildings that operate cooling towers are eligible to receive 85% credits on the water/sewer bill from New York City. Cooling Tower Credit requests require lots of paperwork. Our specialists handle all parts of the process. We will complete and present all required documents so it gets done right the first time. Learn More

  • Gross Receipt Tax Credit Service


    Non-profit organizations that redistribute electricity, gas, or steam are eligible for remission of the NYC Gross Receipt Tax. We guarantee 100% recovery of GRT credits, thereby reducing utility expenses. Learn More

  • Tariff Optimization Services


    NuEnergen analyzes existing utility service classifications to determine which current rates are most beneficial. If NuEnergen’s analysis reveals a more economic rate, we work with the utility to change the classification and lower costs. NuEnergen will ensure that clients maintain this competitive advantage as we stay informed of tariff regulatory changes. Learn More

  • Business Incentive Program


    NuEnergen’s auditing department identifies and optimizes all available rebates and exemption programs offered by cities, local utilities, states, and the federal government. NuEnergen’s national footprint and industry experience allows us to maximize refunds. Learn More

Complete Coverage of All Your Energy Needs


NuEnergen's solutions provide complete coverage of all your energy-related business needs. Through evaluation of your energy utilization and infrastructure, we recommend a strategic and comprehensive solution to immediately save money against your energy expenses. We cover all of your business' energy needs through a single, cost-efficient source.

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