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All of our solutions are created with our clients in mind. Every business is different, and each of our clients has a unique energy plan in place utilizing different aspects of our services below. Take a look at our suite of solutions and then contact one of our energy specialists to formulate your custom plan.

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We cover everything energy. Our analysis services include, but are not limited to: establishing risk management strategies, developing tactics on buying energy, analyzing economics of energy projects, and looking for ways to be more energy efficient. NuEnergen’s analysts are experts in the energy industry and we leverage this knowledge to help develop rational, proactive energy programs.

Deregulated markets are complex and make purchasing energy at low prices challenging, especially in today’s market.  NuEnergen takes a strategic approach, custom tailored for each client to help attain the highest value for each energy dollar spent.  We develop and release RFPs, negotiate contracts to ensure T&Cs are in the best interest of our clients, and constantly monitor the market to keep our clients informed of opportune times to hedge blocks of energy.

Every year facilities managers are tasked with assembling an annual budget for energy costs. Meanwhile, energy market prices rise and fall with regularity. NuEnergen develops dependable and accurate monthly budgets for our clients.

These local laws mandate that all building owners in New York City submit an energy audit report to the City. The laws call for an annual accounting and submission of energy consumption. Once a decade, an energy audit report must be developed. NuEnergen reviews a facility’s infrastructure and energy consumption, and we file LL84 and LL87 reports on our clients’ behalf.

NuEnergen benchmarks energy consumption. We create an account for each entity on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Portfolio Manager site, populate it with energy consumption data, and provide accurate benchmarking. NuEnergen’s work leads to a confirmation of filings and an “Energy Star” score. NuEnergen also offers Energy Star Certification services.

Keeping track of a carbon footprint is increasingly important in today’s environmentally conscious world. NuEnergen provides detailed reporting on energy consumption and develops a carbon footprint report using the EPA’s E-Grid. This benchmarks energy efficiency efforts and quantifies the number of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) a facility may want to acquire to offset its carbon footprint.

NuEnergen can identify Con Edison and NYSERDA rebates for your benefit. Both Con Edison and The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) have refund programs available which partially finance energy efficiency projects. The goal is to help all New York State utility customers solve their energy and environmental problems. The result is developing innovative products and services that can be leveraged by New York State firms in their sustainability efforts.


Complete Coverage of All Your Energy Needs

NuEnergen’s solutions provide complete coverage of all your energy related business needs. Through evaluation of your energy utilization and infrastructure, we recommend a strategic and comprehensive solution to immediately save money against your energy expenses. We cover all of your business energy needs through a single, cost-efficient source.

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