Smart Grid

Smart Grid is NuEnergen’s suite of services designed to ensure you’re leveraging relevant information, analytics and insights available through today’s technology.

Our Smart Grid suite provides you the information you need to make the right decisions for your business.

Smart Grid Suite of services

Real Time Meter is an inexpensive, simple device that is used to collect energy information from your facility and report it in real-time to your EnerTrac Dashboard. The NuEnergen Smart Grid: RTM is capable of communicating with any type of energy metering hardware by establishing a communication link between your building and our NOC. We’re then able to monitor real-time usage against real-time pricing and maximum energy usage that you want, which helps to control your costs.

With higher energy prices and increasingly complex energy tariffs, managing energy bills can be very difficult and time-consuming. The EnerTrac Dashboard provides a complete integration of cost and energy usage, which helps with the problem of Energy Management and Monitoring. Not only does it allow you to track this year’s expenses, but it also allows you compare energy usage and cost of the past year(s). You will be able to track performance directly with your budget and make cost-saving decisions more effectively.

Utilizing NuEnergen RTM, usage notifications can be sent to your cell phone or email informing you when electricity usage patterns at your facility are out of pre-defined limits.  Limits that you define using our “Set Point” interface in EnerTrac. Now you can be notified when your building’s electric load exceeds a certain “Set Point” prompting you to take action to reduce load; especially important on days when the cost of electricity is extremely high. Set points can also be established to notify you when load is lower that what is expected, indicating that a service or critical device may have dropped off-line or failed. Set Point provides another level of comfort for you, that your facility is operating as it should be.

Price Point is a service that alerts you to the Average Price of Wholesale Electricity in your location for the day. The pricing for electricity can vary dramatically from day to day, by as much as three times the previous day’s price. The Price Point service will send you daily alerts about the average wholesale electricity price for your location. You can use this information to adjust your Consumption Patterns or take Load Curtailment Measures to reduce energy costs during severe pricing conditions.


Complete Coverage of All Your Energy Needs

NuEnergen’s solutions provide complete coverage of all your energy related business needs. Through evaluation of your energy utilization and infrastructure, we recommend a strategic and comprehensive solution to immediately save money against your energy expenses. We cover all of your business energy needs through a single, cost-efficient source.

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