If you’ve noticed a little bit of extra padding in your business account, it’s probably because your fleet hasn’t been demanding as much money for its fuel expenses in recent months. The combination of a surge in the nation’s oil supply paired with OPEC’s refusal to cut production resulted in a significant drop (60%) between… Read more »

On any given day, we receive numerous inquiries with regard to how enterprises can successfully reduce their energy consumption without disrupting day-to-day operations and productivity. This isn’t too surprising, especially considering the fact that energy often accounts for a bulk of a business’s spending each month. Consequently, executives crave answers about how to lower their… Read more »

It’s growing increasingly common to hear that businesses, government agencies, hospitals, and homeowners alike are making the switch to renewable energy sources like solar and wind — or at least thinking about doing so. Everyone, after all, wants to enjoy the same quality of life that they’ve enjoyed with other power sources while also saving… Read more »

The Supreme Court has been locked in verbal arguments regarding whether or not the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (or FERC) has the jurisdictional authority to move forward in issuing Order 745. This proposed order would allow demand response to be federally regulated as a tool for the wholesale bulk power industry. So what is demand… Read more »

Huawei Technologies recently joined up with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and electricity to host a power summit entitled “Better Connected Smart Grid, Greater Energy Efficiency”. While the focus of this conference was based around ways in which Ethiopia could benefit from technological advancements designed to improve energy safety and conversion efficiency through the reduction… Read more »

It seems like we hear so much about the clever “life hacks” that go viral online that we tend to forget how serious hacking can actually be — especially when it comes in the form of a cyberattack. This type of problem definitely on the minds of our national leaders, though. President Obama recently released… Read more »

For 40 years, the United States has exercised its right to restrict oil exports, but it may not remain this way for long. In recent news, it was announced that a House subcommittee quickly gave the nod of approval to legislation that authorizes crude exports. This Energy and Power subcommittee verbally passed the bill during… Read more »

If you’ve been on the fence about switching to solar power, some experts believe that the time to start getting serious about making a decision is now. At just a little over a year away, December of 2016 will mark the end of an era for solar subsidies, with the investment tax credit being scheduled… Read more »

Everything we’ve been seeing in the news lately points to the fact that coal is dying out as a fuel option. Coal production and usage are both down. After all, coal is the most carbon-intense of all fuels. But even though the idea of the “death of coal” seems to make things much easier on… Read more »

Regardless of whether or not you yourself drive an electric car, the battery powered vehicles are growing in their popularity and prevalence. In fact, a recent study conducted by Pike Research has predicted a 40% growth in annual global sales by the year 2020. As manufacturers strive to make electric cars more affordable, interest is… Read more »