Pricing Data At Your Fingertips

Price Point is a new service through NuEnergen that alerts you to the Average Price of Wholesale Electricity in your location for the day. The pricing for electricity can vary dramatically from day to day, sometimes by as much as 3x the previous day price. NuEnergen’s new Price Point service will send you daily alerts about the average wholesale electricity price for Your Location. You can use this information to adjust your Consumption Patterns or take Load Curtailment Measures to reduce energy costs during severe pricing conditions.

How Does It Work?

Designed with you in mind.

Every morning, Monday through Friday, we send you an “alert” letting you know what the average price of wholesale electricity is for your location. You‘ll get one of three alerts:

  • Normal pricing levels are in effect – Continue standard operations
  • Elevated pricing levels are in effect – Consider reducing your consumption
  • High pricing levels are in effect – Consider reducing your consumption

What Does the Price Mean

Wholesale electricity is priced in dollars per megawatt-hour ($/MWh) by the power grid operator. Price Point shows the average hourly wholesale electricity price during the hours of 7am-11pm for each day. This represents the largest and most variable component of your electric supply costs. 1 MWh is the same as 1000 kWh, so 50 $/MWh is equivalent to 5 cents/kWh.

Browse available editions by utility

    • ConEd
  • NYISO – Long Island
    • PSEG-LI
    • LIPA
  • NYISO – Husdon
    • CenHud
    • ConEd
    • O & R
  • NYISO – Rest of State
    • NIMO
    • NYSEG
    • RGE
  • PJM – MAAC
    • METED
    • PECO
    • PPL
    • ComEd
  • PJM – DOM
    • Dominion
    • ACE
    • Delmarva
    • JCPL
    • PSEG
    • Rockland
    • BGE
    • PEPCO
  • PJM – RTO
    • AEP
    • APS
    • ATSI
    • Dayton
    • DEOK
    • Duquesne
    • Penelec